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Sometimes, life can get quite overwhelming. In those times, it can be healing to spend some time at home. Personally, I live in Berlin, which is always loud and busy. And usually, this is something that I absolutely love about this city. There is always a cool thing to do, see or create – the possibilities are endless. But what can be hard sometimes is taking a time out. For that, I like to go home.


why I went home and what I have learned

In the last semester of university, I had the opportunity to intern in a firm of my choice for six months. I decided to split that time up in half, so that I could spend 3 months back home with my parents… and it honestly was the best decision that I could have made!

I have been living in Berlin for almost three years now and I have loved and still love every second of it, but it was so refreshing to go back. Coming from a very small village in the middle of nowhere (at least it always felt like it) and always knowing that I was a “city person”, I never fully appreciated every aspect of the place where I grew up. I needed to go back there to really see how lucky I was living there during my entire childhood. The landscapes are beyond beautiful and everybody seems to be less stressed and more at peace with themselves. Going back there essentially felt like leaving the hectic behind.



spending time wisely


But the nicest part of going back home – no matter for how long – is to meet the people that you don’t see as much anymore. After school, it can be quite tough to stay in contact with everybody. You have to process so many new things and it can be quite overwhelming. But when you are back home, it is so nice to meet people and catch up.

But I especially love spending time with my parents. Leaving them behind was the hardest thing about moving. Therefore, I am grateful for every moment that I get to spend with them. (Also, my mum is the best baker and cook ever, so I get to eat cake every time I am home. That is definitely a plus.)


Of course, not every part of such a “travel back in time” is brilliant. I do not want to romanticize it too much. Often times, I felt like I was sixteen again, which was not something that I was very fond of. But I found that it really helps to get a new perspective on many things. Because of that, I would definitely recommend to everyone to go back home – or at least somewhere relaxing and quiet – for a period of time and to take a break… even if this break is very short. Just try to unplug for a while and to get the relaxation and love from our families that we all need.


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