my everyday makeup look and what to do when running late


I know that you have probably read a thousand articles about “everyday makeup” already, but I wanted to share this with you anyways. Why? Because everybody has a go-to makeup look and maybe you can get some inspiration from my routine. Additionally, I will tell you what to do when you are running late. Let´s be honest, it happens to the best of us and having to stress about makeup does not help in those situations. But limiting a routine to the right products is actually pretty easy and will make you feel like a thousand bugs anyways.


My normal everyday routine

As much as I enjoy doing glamorous and unusual makeup looks, those tend to be very time-consuming, which is nothing I desire in my everyday routine. This look is very natural and light without lacking definition. Therefore, it is not only my everyday choice, but also the base for almost every look I do. If I want to vamp it up, I will just add red lipstick and/or eyeshadow.


1. Base

I always start my routine off with a clean face and moisturizer mixed with illuminator. The Gigi Hadid one for Maybelline is very good. I also like to apply a lip treatment at this point that can sink in while doing the makeup. This will leave the lips softer, so that lipstick will look gorgeous on them.

Then I add concealer under my eyes and wherever else it is needed and set it with setting powder. Sometimes, I also like to wear foundation, but I would recommend to use as few products as possible – especially in summer. Cakey or even melting makeup is never flattering…

2. Face

To enhance the shape of my face, I lightly contour with a brownish blush, which I also use to define my crease.

After that, I put on a peachy blush and highlighter with pink and blue hues. Those colors work well on me because I am very pale (obviously). On a darker complexion, I would use a warmer toned highlight like gold. If you´re not sure, which highlighter suits you best, I would recommend a universally flattering champagne color. 

I always accentuate the highest points of my face, the inner corners of my eyes and the eyelid.

3. Brows

After that, I go on to forming my eyebrows with taupe eyeshadow and setting them with brow gel. While I draw them in, I like to brush them out several times. I have light blonde eyebrows naturally, so it would look fake if I drew them in too strong.

Generally, if you want to achieve a natural brow look, the color you use should match your roots.

4. Eyes

Having finished the brows, I apply black kajal to the upper waterline and on the upper outer corner of my eye blended into my lashes. This lifts the eyes a little.

After that, I build up two or three coats of mascara on the upper lashes. I start off with a thin formula to coat and form every single lash and then apply a thicker one to add volume to the roots.

5. Lips

The next step is to put something on the lips. I have two looks that I usually go for: I like to either go with a sheer one, which is moisturizing and only gives the lips a hint of color, or line my lips with a light liner and put some pinkish darker color right in the center with some clear lipgloss on top. Either way, it´s always possible to dab a bit of darker lipstick over it for a more intense look.

Finally, I spray my face with setting spray and I´m good to go! Usually, this lasts very well without touchups.



What I do when I am running late

Doing the quicker look, the big goal is to look fresh and awake in a matter of minutes. To achieve this, it is important to really focus on less steps, but executing them well. The base is extremely important because it is the biggest giveaway for being tired. After that, define your features lightly – brows and mascara make a huge difference as well.


1. Base

Even if there is not much time, I think the key for any good look is to moisturize beforehand. Otherwise, the products cannot be applied as seamlessly.

After applying that, I quickly add some concealer under my eyes and around my nose (and wherever else I might need it) and set it with translucent powder.


2. Face

After perfecting the base – which is the most important step – I add some blush to the apples of my cheeks. I put whatever is left on the brush on the bridge of the nose, the lids and over the brows near the temples. This makes the look younger and fresher.


3. Brows

When time is limited, I start with brushing my brows upwards. After that, I put a small amount of taupe brown eyeshadow on an angled brush and just fill in the bits that are naturally lighter or a bit uneven. This way, they get a nice shape and define the face.


4. Eyes

If there is any time left, I will put black kajal on the upper waterline, but otherwise, I´ll just use mascara.


5. Lips

Tinted lip balm is always a good choice, but especially practical when there is no time. It is easy to wear and does not have to be applied neatly at all. Dabbing it in a bit makes it look absolutely stunning.


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I would love to hear about your favorite looks and products in the comment section below! Let´s all improve our routines together! ♥



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