3 of my favorite trends and how to style them

It is extremely easy to go out of your comfort zone when it comes to fashion. There are so many different and exciting trends to explore that it can be quite overwhelming. Once we figured out what we like and what suits us and our personalities, we often tend to shop pretty similar things over and over again – which is not a bad thing at all. Instead, it is a way of manifesting our personal style.

Finding a personal style is pretty difficult for most people. It is not easy to find something to feel 100% confident in. But a first step to achieve that is to look at the items that you are usually drawn to when you go shopping and to analyze your own closet… which is exactly what I did. I went through all of my clothes and found a few items of clothing that were comparable. Then, taking into account what I like to wear a lot at the moment, I chose three of my favorite trends to talk about a bit more!




Cover-ups in different colors and forms are not only pretty cute, but also extremely practical and easy to wear. They can be a lifesaver whenever it is a little bit colder than expected. Consequently, it makes sense for everyone to have at least one. Especially when it is in a quite neutral color that fits a lot of other clothes, one cannot really go wrong with it. To give you some inspiration, I created three different looks with cover-ups that I own!


The focus of this look is the light grey fringe cover-up. It is very easy to throw on over a simple and classic look.

For this example, I chose a white t-shirt with the words ‘new york’ embroidered on it and black pants. What brings everything together are the boots because they have a fringe detail as well.

This look is a bit more country style, I guess. But I actually love the brown cover-up with the soft check patterned dress underneath… and since the 90s are back anyways, I feel like it is more than appropriate to wear jeans with it. The last thing  needed were the brown chelsea boots.

As the two other outfits were quite casual, I wanted to show you a more elegant look as well. The cover-up is knitted beautifully and suits almost every classy look because the colors are neutral and therefore easy to wear.

I personally love to combine it with a black overall and classic black strappy heels that should be a staple in everyone´s closet in my opinion because they go with literally everything.




If you would have told me years ago, that I would include joggers in a list of my favorite trends, I would have straight up laughed at you. I did not like them at all. But over time, I realized that they are actually incredibly comfy and can also look cool or even quite elegant when they fit well – you will notice that I go for a quite similar style with all of my joggers. The key is to combine them nicely. Here are three examples of how I like to do that!



This is the most comfortable look ever – perfect for the days on which you do not want to do anything.

Cropped hoodies are my all time fave anyways, but I especially like to fool everyone into thinking I´m sporty by wearing items like my Adidas Superstars with it… and joggers, of course.


This is a simple everyday look. It is comfortable because of the joggers and sneakers – which match the cute bag perfectly – but still stylish and put together combined with a statement shirt and a jean jacket. There is no way to go wrong with this outfit.


Some people love it, some people hate it: joggers with blouses and heels. I belong into the first category. I love combining unexpected items. The key to this is that the colors still match. That is why I kept this look black and white and only played around with different patterns and textures.


Flower Dresses


This is easily one of my favorite trends this season. I think that dresses with a beautiful flower pattern and some sort of interesting constructional detail are always good items to wear. They are the statement piece of every look that you create with it, which makes it so easy to look on trend without trying that hard. The type of dress that I talk about does not need many accessories or crazy coats or hats to accompany it. This is how I like to style my favorite flower dresses!



I am going to start off with the most important thing about this dress: it has pockets!

But that is not the only thing that speaks for it, it also has a muted but exciting floral pattern and a very flattering wide cut. This looks best with something fitted at the bottom. I especially like to wear my suede overknee boots with it.


This dress takes a bit more courage to wear because not everyone will like it. But I love the pattern and the ruffles such as the sleeve details.

Additionally, the color matches the stitches on the classic Dr. Martens perfectly, which is a major plus. The black choker brings the look together.

I usually try to balance the colors of a look. This is a good example for that. The tights and the boots are both black and as my hair and complexion are pretty light, something dark on top of the dress like a necklace or earrings or even dark lipstick looks quite flattering.


The burgundy dress is the most romantic one. The color is beyond beautiful and the print is very lively. I like to wear it with my hair up, golden hoop earrings and structured sandals that bring a nice contrast to this look because they are edgier.



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