NYX “bright” Ultimate Shadow Palette review

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette Bright

This week´s article is going to be all about the Ultimate Shadow Palette by NYX Professional Makeup. There are four different options available. Two of them feature neutral shades (warm-toned and cool-toned) and there is also a highlight and smokey palette. They are definitely worth checking out.

But for this, I chose to review the really colorful one! It has 16 different shades (which makes the price of 18€ more than justifiable) ranging from yellow, orange and red to different blue and purple tones.


first impression and swatches

The first impression was pretty good already. I was looking for some specific colorful shades for a photoshoot that I did and this shadow palette really saved me. It had everything in it that I needed and was not too expensive. I honestly did not find another light green and orange anywhere. Also, knowing some other NYX products well and using them quite often, I was sure that I did not have to be concerned about the quality.




make it work!

With very bright colors, the pigmentation always seems to be the key problem. Sometimes it can be hard to get a good color payoff on the eye. With this, it is definitely possible with a few simple tricks.

Firstly, I would recommend using eyeshadow primer underneath it (NYX has a very good one) to give the eyeshadow something to stick to. To prevent the eyeshadow from smudging, set the primer with a matte eyeshadow that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone. Then apply the shades from the bright shadow palette roughly with a brush. Line out what you want to do before you add more pigment. Then slowly add to it – the key to colorful looks is always layering! This works especially well when you put the eyeshadow on with your fingers. To do so, it takes a little bit of practice, but once you get the placing right, it makes the look much more intense. The eyeshadow pigments stick much better with a little bit of natural oil that is on your hands and the warmth of your fingers. And remember, you can always clean up with concealer afterwards. As a last step, I would use setting spray to prevent the look from smudging during the day.


everything you need for a flawless finish

NYX HD Eye Shadow BaseNYX The Natural Shadow PaletteUrban Decay de-slick makeup setting spray


possible look





This look that I created with the shadow palette shows two color gradients starting with the yellow in the inner corner of the eye.

On the lid, I blended light green and dark green into it. On the lower lash line, I worked with different orange and red shades. To pull it all together, I added black kajal into the waterlines and several layers of mascara. I did not want it to look “clowny”.

Of course, you do not have to create looks as colorful as this one, it can also look very beautiful to use one accent color with neutral shades. If you decide to do that, either put the bright color on the moveable lid, on the lower lash line or just on the tearduct area for a coherent look.





All in all, I would definitely recommend the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette to you. I personally really like the bright one. The colors are all beautiful and there are enough warm-toned and cool-toned options for many looks. When they are built up, the colors can be really strong, but soft looks can be created as well. Also, the eyeshadow stays put for quite a long time. But I would not say that this palette is a staple piece for everyone. If you only do quite natural makeup looks, maybe opt for one of the neutral options instead. In conclusion, this shadow palette is a fun extension to a makeup collection, but maybe not a necessity for everyone…




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