a dewy makeup look that can take the heat

I do not know where you live, but in Berlin, it is very hot at the moment. Times like this do not only require drinking a lot of water and sitting in front of a fan the whole day, but also the ultimate dewy makeup look. Because let´s be honest – a full face of makeup is not the right option for days like these. Any heavy foundation will be sweat off minutes after applying it. So with this makeup look, it is all about the base of the makeup and applying as little product as possible. But to make it more interesting, the focus of this look will be the highlight. Let us all glow to the gods! ♥



how to do it


The base of this look (as it should be with every makeup look) is sunscreen. It is incredibly important to protect your skin from the sun as well as possible. If yours turns out to be quite greasy, you can powder it down very lightly before you apply your concealer. But do not go overboard with it, otherwise the cream product will sit weirdly on top of it. I would not recommend using any foundation except for when you feel insecure without it. But if you want to use it, do so as lightly as possible. The same thing goes for concealer. This, I would definitely apply with a beauty blender of some sort. This way, it really blends in with the skin and does not just sit on it.


The fun part of this dewy makeup look is of course the sculpting of the face. Start off with a few lines of a creamy sculpting stick to enhance the shape of the face. Then blend those in with the same beauty blender as before to achieve a very natural look. Creme products are the best choice for a dewy look because they can move around on the skin and therefore fade more evenly than powder products. Therefore, a cream blush on the apples of the cheeks is a good choice for sure. After that, it is time for the highlight. I would recommend using a shiny rather than a shimmery or glittery one. This means that the sparkles in it are quite fine. What can be quite nice is to layer two sorts of liquid highlighter. That gives more dimension to the face.



Finally, just set the oiliest parts of the face (around the nose, the forehead and the chin) with some powder. I like going over that with my beauty blender too, so that everything is set in place. I repeat this step after spraying on the setting spray after I finished the look or whenever I feel like there is too much shine on my face. If you want to read about how I did the rest of the makeup, click here to get to the article about my everyday makeup look. The only thing that I changed is that I put a wash of purple color on my lid.


I hope you liked this dewy makeup look and more importantly, that you are all safe! ♥



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